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About Lady Elise Beauty



Lady Elise Beauty Company was started by Lady Elise, a professional Esthetician and Nail Artist with specialization in Airbrush Makeup Application, Eyebrow Design, Eyelash Extenstions, and Nail Artistic Designs. An obsession with following and learning the latest beauty trends with skin care, makeup and nails and a strong desire to educate customers to properly apply beauty products to solve skin issues and to enhance the physical appearance, is how the company came into existence. To witness the physical, mental, and emotional transformation that helps to boost the customers' self-confidence and self-esteem, is the great accomplishment of Lady Elise Beauty.The knowledge that is shared with Beauty Diva's, helps you know that Lady Elise provides high quality products affordable for any Beauty Diva on a budget.  

Every Beauty Diva deserves to look and feel beautiful from the inside out. 

Lady Elise Beauty is based in Denver, Colorado and began in 2017. 

Beauty Diva's Can Follow Lady Elise Beauty on Twitter @LadyEliseBeauty

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